About Woodlands


1270 Strathmore Street, Nanaimo, B.C, V9S 2L9
Telephone: (250)-753-2271
Fax: (250)-753-5429


Mr. D. Stupich – Principal
Ms. T. Watson – Vice Principal

School Culture/Philosophy

Woodlands Secondary School Educational activities are directed toward assisting students to:

Intellectual Development

. Develop the ability to analyze critically, reason and think independently;
acquire basic learning skills and bodies of knowledge
. Develop a lifelong appreciation of learning, a curiosity about the world around them,
and a capacity for creative thought and expression.
Social Development
. Develop a sense of self-worth and personal initiative.
. Develop an understanding of the importance of physical health, and well being.
.Develop an appreciation of the fine arts and an understanding of the cultural heritage.
. Develop a sense of social responsibility and a tolerance and respect for the ideas
and beliefs of others.

Career Development

. Prepare to attain their career and occupational objectives. Assist in development of effective work habits and the flexibility to deal with change in the workplace.